Re: Pre-use review...

Matt Bittner (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 12:13:13 -0500

On 8 Aug 95 at 17:32, Brian Bushe sprecht:

> Are these finer than those in the 1/48 HB starstrutter kit by eduard?
> They struck me as being a bit coarse looking (ie in the grain pattern)
> but i haven't seen them on a kit yet. I had trouble with the large
> decals on the eindekker so cutting them into 'panels' is probably a
> good idea.

Yes, they are finer than the ones in the Starstrutter. You would
want to cut them up, at least to replicate the real thing. Here's a
challenge: Use the wood grain decals on Pegaus' Roland D.VI. In
case you're wondering what the challenge is, the D.VI was built with
wood strips running lengthwise, down the fuselage, the entire length
of the fusleage. In 1/72nd, I would guesstimate each strip to be
four to five inches long, and about 1/8th inch wide! Ohhh...

I will also keep everybody appraised as I work on the Roland D.II...