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Paul Butler (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 08:20:05 +1000

Matt Bittner wrote:

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I was wondering if those that scanned in drawings would be willing
to share those files? Not having a scanner, it's difficult to get
those drawings into the floppy drive...

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Sorry, but I am unwilling to distribute an drawing I may have scanned for my
own purposes because of the issue of copyright. I am not certain of the exact
number but on last count, I have about 500 drawings in my collection which I
have accumulated over thirty years or so by purchasing books, magazines and
photographs for the OWNERS of the copyright in each case. I guess this must
have cost me thousands but at least the person who put in the effort has been
rewarded in some way.

So far as I am aware, copyright laws in Australia, Great Britain and the USA
allow individuals to make copies for their own research purposes, in my case
for the purpose of producing plans for flying models. Any drawing that I
produce which shows structure and constructional details etc. is a new work
and I own the copyright. The actual shape of an aeroplane (particularly those
which are 50 years old) is in the public domain. The copyright in drawings
produced by someone such as Ian Stair (regardless of the subject) is owned by
that person unless it has been specificaly assigned to another in some way
such as a contract of employment.

For example. I work as a contract writer and could insist on retaining copyright
over any material I might produce for a client (if they were silly enough to
agree that is) but I always assign copyright ownership to the client so that I
can avoid any potential hassles in the future.

I could go on but I think I have made my point. It is not in my interest to
distribute copies of another persons work unless I was given specific
permission by that person to do so.


Paul Butler