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Ray Boorman (
Wed, 9 Aug 95 03:33:43 UT

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Subject: Re: Productivity Loss/flight sims

>Which WWI game is the best?
A fellow flight enthusiast with much more
>computer experience than I
suggests "The Red Baron" and says that "Dawn
>Patrol" is a dog.
On a pc Red
Baron is better than dawn patrol, but Dawn Patrol does have more background
historical information. But the best from a flight realism point of veiw
(IMHO) is a game called "Wings of Glory" The planes dont act like F16's. As
in realistic simulattion and Aircraft capabilities. A pentium runs this game
just fine.
Wings of Glory may be a bit too hard for a lot of people though
especially if you dont have a decent joystick and controller. (On fast pc's
the game controller card may not be up to the task). I use a Thrustmaster and
have used a CH flight stick they both work very well. A neat feature is when
you pull
violent manouvers (sp) you hear the rigging then the wings fall
off! Worst feature is the stupid interactions with characters between

I have seen a special version of the Red Baron combined with a
couple of other aircraft simulations
I think they were Aces of Europe and
Aces over the Pacific.

--Ray Boorman--