Re: Windsock stuff

Mark K. Nelson (
Tue, 8 Aug 1995 23:02:41 -0700

>> Does anybody understand the Skybirds'86/Strutz ad on page 5 of Windsock
>> Vol. 11/4? Why are they babbling about Dodos evolving struts???
>Who knows. Maybe, in come way, they're "bashing" Contrail. I see
>four main problems with Strutz - both non-technical: (1) Contrail
>is a "solid" presence, and has been around quite a while; (2)
>Contrail comes with "all other" kits that don't provide pre-molded
>struts; (3) they don't have a source/distributor in the
>States/anywhere else; and (4) if following their directions, there
>are a few of us that don't what to drill holes to accept their

Strangly, the Aeroclub 1/72 Fokker D.VI came with Strutz, instead of Contrail.

>> Ray, etc. are now taking orders for the reprints of the first 4 datafiles:
>> 1) Albatros D.III
>> 2) Sopwith Pup
>> 3) Albatros D.V
>> 4) Bristol Fighter (soon to be a Special, too!)
>Finally, I can fill in my holes, since #1,3,4, and 5 are the only
>ones I'm missing.


>The latest Datafile is on the Bristol M.1. I'm going to have to find
>one of the old Pegasus kits just to build the one of the cover! :-o

Quick, everybody, buy stock in masking tape companies!!!!!!

Not, so daring, but I think I'll stick with the color plate #1. It's just a
little bit simpler.


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