Re: Windsock stuff

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 07:46:45 -0500

On 8 Aug 95 at 23:02, Mark K. Nelson sprecht:

> Strangly, the Aeroclub 1/72 Fokker D.VI came with Strutz, instead of Contrail.

I would be interested to hear how this compares to the Ragwings D.VI.

> >Finally, I can fill in my holes, since #1,3,4, and 5 are the only
> >ones I'm missing.
> SCUM!!!

Nyah-nyah!! Actually, I got quite a chuckle out of this. So, what
issues are you missing (not that I can help too much, mind you)?

> >The latest Datafile is on the Bristol M.1. I'm going to have to find
> >one of the old Pegasus kits just to build the one of the cover! :-o
> Quick, everybody, buy stock in masking tape companies!!!!!!
> Not, so daring, but I think I'll stick with the color plate #1. It's just a
> little bit simpler.

What, afraid of a little work? :-) Actually, if the cover hadn't
struck my fancy, I would probably do color plate #1 as well. I
REALLY don't like complicated paintschemes.


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