PropaqTeam's wood grain decals...

Matt Bittner (
Wed, 9 Aug 1995 08:03:00 -0500

I was able to cover the inner starboard fuselage with the decals, and
wanted to give my impressions.

The decals are this enough to "mold" themselves well to the inside of
the fuselage. Before I added the decal, though, I tried to get the
fuselage as smooth and "glossy" as possible. I did not use any
"gloss overcoats", but used different grade sanding papers, followed
by Bare Metal's plastic polish to get the plastic as smooth as
possible. I have used this technique in the past, when I don't need
to paint the underside before decaling, and it works well.

The decals took to using the "Microscale" method of decal adhesion.
The only problem I had was not due to the decals: I had to make some
"cuts" to get the decal to conform to the cockpit opening.

I used one piece of decal, covering from the front of the fuselage
(since you might be able to see it through the enging opening) to
midway between the cockpit and the tail. I figured with the seat and
all detail in, you shouldn't be able to see much farther. At least,
I hope so! :-)

They were still drying, so I'll let everybody know how they turn out
after they dry. It appeared that the decal wouldn't be any problem
what so ever.

The decal is "opaque" enough that it didn't show the plastic color
through. However, it does appear that if your underlying color is
too dark, it might show though. I would recommend - if you plan on
using this on the exterior of the plane - to paint it some light
color (maybe "buff", or a wood-type color), and glossing it, before
adding the decals. You should also check your sources to see how
each panel was put on, and install the decal this way. I decided to
go with one piece, becuase the majority of the decal won't be "seen".

So far, I like these decals. I can see, though, that one package
(which contains two sheets) won't be enough for a larger aircraft -
say for instance the Lloyd C.V. I managed to order two packages,
just to be sure. The decals also didn't rip for me - an indication
that PropaqTeam is getting better. I remember a set of decals I had
for a CzechMaster Arado Ar-64F that literally dissolved as they
touched the water. And this was after I sprayed Microscale's
(SuperScale?) decal film over them. Which was after I sprayed a
gloss coat over them.

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