09 Aug 1995 15:58:15 GMT

Ongoing discussions,

1) Does anyone have for sale "Windsock" magazine, Volume 1/No.1
through Volume 3/No.1 (inclusive)? This is all I'm missing, and I
would be willing to pay a decent price for them if someone is
looking to unload...

2) "Strutz" vs. "Contrail" strut material discussion. I don't
understand the attraction for "Strutz". I mean, how does one deal
with (for example) lozenge decal material?, or any moderately
complex paint scheme? As I understand it, you must "hole" the wings
super glue the "Strutz" through, trim/sand down flush (probably
putty & sand again to fill), and THEN paint & decal!

I can see it for simple schemes (British PC 10 uppers/Buff unders
for instance), but not for much else. Or for landing gear strength,
but it looks like a mess for anything else!

Give me my "Contrail" and I'll be happy. BTW, does anyone know why
"Contrail" does not package just the smaller strut stock separate
from the huge stuff? I'm tired of throwing out half of it because
it looks like it's intended for a 1/24 scale Junkers J.I!

3) 1/72 scale eyes, vs. 1/48 scale (and larger) eyes. Yes, we all get
old (Yes, John R., even you!) and need assistance to see those tiny
throttle quadrants & magnetos. But don't switch to 1/48 scale!
Instead, next time you visit your opthalmologist for an eyeglasses
prescription change, explain your model airplane (or other
deviation you may have) addiction to him/her. Explain that you want
to continue to work in the *"Master Scale"* and that you would like
a special eyeglasses prescription which will enable you to continue
to do so. He/she will be very happy to obilge you and you'll be
surprised at how simple a solution this can be! None of those huge
lighted "Star Trek" contraptions to lash around your head, etc.! -
only a special pair of eyeglasses to keep at your model bench.
Try it!

Go build. :-)

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!)