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Matt Bittner (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 07:57:52 -0500

On 9 Aug 95 at 15:58, STEVE HUSTAD sprecht:

> 1) Does anyone have for sale "Windsock" magazine, Volume 1/No.1
> through Volume 3/No.1 (inclusive)? This is all I'm missing, and I
> would be willing to pay a decent price for them if someone is
> looking to unload...

(Okay, Mark. Here's where I pout as well...) I, too, am looking for
Vol.1/No.1 through Vol.3/No.4, as well as the Richtofen Windsock

> 2) "Strutz" vs. "Contrail" strut material discussion. I don't
> understand the attraction for "Strutz". I mean, how does one deal
> with (for example) lozenge decal material?, or any moderately
> complex paint scheme? As I understand it, you must "hole" the wings
> super glue the "Strutz" through, trim/sand down flush (probably
> putty & sand again to fill), and THEN paint & decal!

Although I too am a Contrail user, I was thinking about it, and it
doesn't seem too bad. A little inconvient, but not too difficult.
As I see it - especially for the interplane struts - you would put
them in the lower wing first. Sand off strut/putty as needed, then
paint. Paint/decal the underside of the top wing, and put in a hole
just big enough to accept the strut (maybe a little smaller?). When
all other painting/decaling is finished, put on the top wing, and
sand off strut/putty as needed. Then paint/decal. It would be a
little more difficult, since you have to do it a little more
delicately than before.

Geez. I'll stick with Contrail. Although, you could put the strutz
on without drilling holes. (Steve, how do you put Contrail on?)

> 3) 1/72 scale eyes, vs. 1/48 scale (and larger) eyes. Yes, we all get
> old (Yes, John R., even you!) and need assistance to see those tiny
> throttle quadrants & magnetos. But don't switch to 1/48 scale!
> Instead, next time you visit your opthalmologist for an eyeglasses
> prescription change, explain your model airplane (or other
> deviation you may have) addiction to him/her. Explain that you want
> to continue to work in the *"Master Scale"* and that you would like
> a special eyeglasses prescription which will enable you to continue
> to do so. He/she will be very happy to obilge you and you'll be
> surprised at how simple a solution this can be! None of those huge
> lighted "Star Trek" contraptions to lash around your head, etc.! -
> only a special pair of eyeglasses to keep at your model bench.
> Try it!

As I've said, I ventured into 1/48th for a change of pace. Most of
the "newer" 1/48th WW1's are self-contained, meaning you don't have
to find/scratch very many details. The cockpits coming with the
Eduard kits are very complete (although a little flat :-)).

Yes, Steve, I will build 1/72nd more often than not, but 1/48th is my
change of pace (just as 1/35th is yours...;-)).


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