Siemens Schuckert D.III/D.IV...

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 08:22:50 -0500

Keeping on the topic of my sale (they're both sold, BTW), I wanted to
touch upon the whole Siemens Schuckert Werke (SSW) D.III/D.IV topic.

For the record, Pegasus released (I believe) three versions of the
SSW D.III: the first version was the one with no headrest,
un-balanced ailerons, different tailplane, and different cowl. The
second version was the "newer" D.III with "spider" cowl, balanced
ailerons, and larger (I think) tail. The third version is the same
as the second, except for a slight clean up of the molds, and metal
acessories (cowl and guns). The first two versions came with no
decals (I'm not too positive about the first version, but having the
second I am positive). The second version has color/markings info
for the red/blue machine with the skull and crossbones.
(Incidentally, there is no know photographic evidence of this
machine). The third version comes with color/markings info - as well
as decals - for Udet's machine. (Problem with the instruction sheet:
the rudder should be white - not red - and the wings should be
covered in FIVE (not four) color lozenge, applied on a 45 degree

As far as I know, this is the only kit that Pegasus has done this

My queries: does anybody have a list of ALL known kits put out by
Pegasus? My next post will be those that I have - or those that I
know of (WW1 only - although I would be interested to know of all
others by Pegasus). My second query is: does anybody have the
first version of the kit they're willing to copy the cowl from? I
have a particular machine in mind, but it was the earlier version of
the D.III - and since the other modifications are easy, I'm not too
sure how to make the cowl. My last query: has anybody converted a
D.III into a D.IV? What does it take (I know the wings were
different - how?), and what modifications are there (Steve?)?

Thanks for your time and patience.


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