Pegasus... & Meikraft

C.P. Hart (
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 11:28:29 +0000

After a lengthy summer absence, I enter this thread mid stream.

The Pegasus Siemens Schuckert kit was issued three times that I am
aware of, I have examples of each. The first was a rather crude attempt
molded in heavy black plastic with very thick sprue. It is a very basic
kit with little in the way of detail parts, and really quite few useable
parts. The second two releases were based on the excellent Czech resin of
this aircraft (Gannon apparently bought rights to this pattern). I have an
example of the original resin and his two releases compare quite well. No
struts were included to my recollection (kit is at home, I am at work).

Other Pegasus kits I know of having their origins in Czech resins
including the Salmson 2A2,
Bristol M.1c. Can anyone add to this list ?? I think that the Pfalz D-III
is in this category also, I've not held the Pegasus kit up to my Czech

The Meikraft Pfalz D-III kit is directly based on the Czech resin, he
even copies the original Czech parts diagram on his instrucion sheet. I
just bought another example of this kit at a local (Denver area) shop this
week for about $12.00. I think this is a re-issue. It is molded in tan
plastic, has a black an white printing of the box top and has no decals. I
haven't held this newest on up to my earlier examples of this kit. The new
one has a bit of flash around some parts, but in general the mold has held
up all right. The wings are pretty thin and retain their detail, a real
plus. Has anyone seen reissues of the Meikraft Albatros C-III? I would
like to acquire one or two more of these. This was one of his better kits.

Also seen at my local shop, an example of the Meikraft Caproni.
Priced at $69.95, I won't be giving you all a review.

>> These are the non-WW1's I know of:
>> Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrowhawk
>> Focke-Wulf Fw-44J Stieglitz
>> Lockheed "Have Blue"
>> Flying Pancake
>> Can anybody complete? Thanks.

From the earlier post add: Avro Tutor biplane trainer
Supermarine Sprifire
Prototype (?)
Supermarine Sprifire
(model uncertain)
Romanian IAR fighter (WW II)
Martin Baker fighter
(model #?)
Blohm & Voss fighter
(version ?)
Fairey Albacore
Miles Magister (version ?)

There are quite a few others which I cannot recall. He has been in
this business quite a few years.

Charles Hart