A/H Red color

10 Aug 1995 13:57:13 GMT

Erik, etal.,

Did I hear a reference to that insane, er, Mad Norse guy?

About Austro-Hungarian wing stripe "red"; I've always assumed that a
true "primary color" red would be the best guess. I've seen the
artists renditions you mentioned showing an orange-red shade too
(Artists licence?). Also, some extant fabric pieces do show an
reddish-orange color as well - but I feel these 75 to 80 year old
fabric samples used to be close to a true red (my opinion), as red is
a NOTORIOUSLY unstable color. Left exposured, red usually turns
orange, or pinky looking - not to mention just faded & lighter.

This is not to say that reddish/orange A/H stripping didn't exist - it
probably did, only that *I think* a true red was likely more common.

Steve H.
(The Mad Norseman!) (Is that a redundant statement?) <:-)