It's ALL for sale. . .
Thu, 10 Aug 1995 18:24:58 -0400

After many years of buying and building, seems like mostly buying, I have
decided to give-up the static airplane models hobby. So - The whole kit and
kaboodle is up for sale. Kits, books, magazines, accessories, decals, all of
Lists will be prepared, but for now, if you have a specific request, e-mail
to me directly,(please don't use this public forum), and let me know what you
want. I have an awful lot of good stuff, Windsock, Harleyford, Profiles,
Blue Max, DML, Toms Modelworks, Sierra Scale Models, Wings, Blue Rider,
Americal, Aeroclub and MUCH more stuff from all scales and eras. I'll let
you all know when the lists are ready, but until then, get back to me with
your wants.
Press on regardless. Mike Franklin