Re: Pegasus... & Meikraft

Matt Bittner (
Fri, 11 Aug 1995 15:03:24 -0500

On 11 Aug 95 at 13:47, C.P. Hart sprecht:

> The "early" Pegasus SSW D-III is the standard production model of the
> original. It was among the earliest kits produced by Chris Gannon and his
> then new company. As I said in amy earlier post, it is a crude kit, which
> in light of his later release is more of a curiosity than anything else.

I guess I'm still confused: I thought that the first D.III Gannon
came out with was of the early production model. As I've said,
distinguishing marks being lack of headrest, "full" cowl, unbalanced
ailerons and "different" tail. I'm thinking that this is now wrong?

> Obviously, Meikraft must have used up all of his decal stocks. It is
> unfortunate that this hasn't lowered the price of the kit. I wonder if
> this situation applies to the photo etched bits for some of his other kits?
> Anyone have an answer to this ?

Hard to say, since (if memory serves) the Alb D.I/D.II; HB W.29;
Dornier D.I; SPAD 13; Caproni; and SSW D.I (as far as his WW1
releases are concerned) are the only ones that come with
photoetched, and none of these has been re-released (the SPAD and
SSW D.I are still "originals"). Knowing the way Meikrantz works,
though, he will probably NOT include them in the re-releases, and
maybe even jack UP the prices...