Re: Pegasus... & Meikraft

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 11 Aug 1995 15:25:53 +0000


Sorry to say but the earliest Pegasus SSW was not and "early" model D-III.

>I guess I'm still confused: I thought that the first D.III Gannon
>came out with was of the early production model. As I've said,
>distinguishing marks being lack of headrest, "full" cowl, unbalanced
>ailerons and "different" tail. I'm thinking that this is now wrong?

>Hard to say, since (if memory serves) the Alb D.I/D.II; HB W.29;
>Dornier D.I; SPAD 13; Caproni; and SSW D.I (as far as his WW1
>releases are concerned) are the only ones that come with
>photoetched, and none of these has been re-released (the SPAD and
>SSW D.I are still "originals"). Knowing the way Meikrantz works,
>though, he will probably NOT include them in the re-releases, and
>maybe even jack UP the prices...

I also saw two examples of the Dornier D-I kit in the local shop this
week. I believe that they were about $15.00 each. Isn't the Albatros
D-I/II due for reissue ?? I thought I saw this advertised recently.