USAFM Caproni

C.P. Hart (
Fri, 11 Aug 1995 15:42:11 +0000

>> >Caproni at the USAF museum, and it was a riggers nightmare. Granted,
>> >I think it's a beautiful aircraft, but just a bugger to model.
> (!) I didn't realize there was an *assembled* and restored Caproni at
>the WPAFB museum! Good heavens! Anyone have a picture of this beast?!?

The USAF Museum in Dayton Ohio diaplays a Caproni Ca.33 obtained on an
extended loan from the Caproni family. This aircraft was restored to its
current display standard about 1989. It has a plain doped finish with
Italian markings. Apparently some U.S. aircrews flew them operationally in
such markings. Some Pictures of this a/c appear in a couple of different
issues of Windsock from a few years back. I think he had an issue focusing
on Italian a/c.

I was fortunate to see this machine while it was being restored. It
was in splendid condition, having been stored, disassembled for many years.
Apart from new fabric covering it is almost completely original.