Re: pics of restored Capron

Thayer Syme (
11 Aug 1995 16:20:10 -0800

Reply to: RE>>pics of restored Caproni
let me see what I have over the weekend & I will repost. I was not shooting as
a modeler so coverage will be minimal.


Date: 8/11/95 4:18 PM
To: Thayer Syme
On 11 Aug 1995, Thayer Syme wrote:

> Reply to: pics of restored Caproni
> I have a few slides of this beast but no scanner!!! I was actually surprised
> how smaall it seemed in real life. The fuselage dimensions are not that big.
Wow. OK, so if you're willing, I have 2 possible plans: a)I could send
you $$ for a print or two; b) we could get Allan to scan 'em [Al?] and put
them up on the Page. That would require loaning them to him for a week or so.
If either sounds reasonable, do let me know.
"Here's to your Enemies' enemies!..."
--Old Irish Toast

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