Re: USAFM Caproni
Fri, 11 Aug 1995 23:38:23 -0400

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> The USAF Museum in Dayton Ohio diaplays a Caproni Ca.33 obtained on an
>extended loan from the Caproni family. This aircraft was restored to its
>current display standard about 1989. It has a plain doped finish with
>Italian markings. Apparently some U.S. aircrews flew them operationally in
>such markings.
The US Army's operation of Caproni bombers is considered to be the historical
beginning of strategic bombing operations by US forces. This connection was
what interested the Air Force Museum in undertaking the restoration project
One pilot who flew these bombers in Italy was Captain Fiorello LaGuardia,
who later served as the Mayor of New York City for many years.

The restored airplane is very impressive. The markings were based on the
photos and recollections of a surviving pilot. When they formally rolled
out the restored Caproni, 2 survivors were present, one was 93 and the other
was 100. As is not uncommon with WWI aircraft, they're not completely
certain if its a CA.33, a CA.36 or parts of 2 different airplanes.
Whats a poor modeler to do?

Eli Geher