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Thayer Syme (
12 Aug 1995 07:16:21 -0800

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Date: 8/11/95 9:03 PM

> The USAF Museum in Dayton Ohio diaplays a Caproni Ca.33
The restored airplane is very impressive.
As is not uncommon with WWI aircraft, they're not completely
certain if its a CA.33, a CA.36 or parts of 2 different airplanes.
Whats a poor modeler to do?

Eli Geher

Why not model a WWI plane that is nearly all original except for the fabric?
Was it never done that an airplane was built from spares of 2 or more aircaft
while in the field? How about the huge flak about the asymetrical ailerons we
had a while back? As quoted above, the restored airplane is very impressive.
especially with other unusual types of the era so difficult to find.

Thayer Syme
San Francisco