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On Sat, 12 Aug 1995, Jess Stuart wrote:

> Does anyone have a list of ALL the USAFM planes?

I have the USAFM calendars from 1987 till present. They have a photograph
each month of the year. Just going through the calendars, this is what I have
found that may be of interest to this group. (Just listing period subjects)

1987 Wright 1909 Model A "Flyer"
Wright 1911 Model B "Flyer"
Spad VII

1988 Nieuport 28
Curtis Model C Type IV "Pusher"
Consolidated PT-1 "Trusty"

1989 Eberhart SE-5E

1991 Spad XVI

1992 Caproni Ca 36 Bomber
Sopwith F1 "Camel"

1994 Packard-LePere LUSAC-11
Halberstadt CL IV

1995 Nieuport N.28C-1
Fokker Dr.1

I know there are a lot more aircraft from the WWI period in the museum.

The calendars come a part of being a member of the AFM Foundation. You
also get a quarterly _Friend's Bulletin_ which contains many stories by
pilots and ground crews - both US/Allies and those that were oponents.
There are also lists of reunions and new acquistions. About once a year
you also get a catalog of Stuff to buy from the Museum's gift shop at
a fairly nice discount. There are other benefits like documentation searchs
by the staff and being able to get into the restoration areas at certain
times of the week.

I've been a member since 1985 - Didn't start keeping the calendars until 1987

If you need/want a complete listing - write or call. They are very
friendly people and will possibly be able to supply you with a COMPLETE list.

Here is some addresse/phone numbers of interest.

United States Air Force Museum
1100 Spaatz Street
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-7102
(513) 255-3284

Air Force Museum Foundation
P.O. Box 33624
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-0624
(513) 258-1218

Fiends of the Air Force Museum
P.O. Box 1903
Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio 45433-1903
(513) 258-1228

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