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Joseph R. Boeke (boeke@bucknell.edu)
Sun, 13 Aug 95 16:44:53 EDT

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Date: Fri, 11 Aug 1995 18:46:43 +0100
Subject: Flair Legionnaire Model for sale
I have been given a scale model of a Neiuport WW1 plane called the
Legionnaire marketted by Flair. It is partially built (built well I
might add) i.e Top and Bottom wings, fuselage, tail and rudder. All
plans, instructions and original box.

Buyer must be in the Birkenhead, Wirral area, England, due to postage
problems as it's partially built.

Excellent condition. Please e-mail me at


if you're interested or require more information.


* Timothy Lloyd and Anastasia Black
e-mail : tlloyd.ablack@zetnet.co.uk
WWW : http://webzone1.demon.co.uk/standard/1000.htm

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