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Sun, 13 Aug 95 17:38:41 -0500

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> >They're not heavy on WWI titles, but they list "German Tanks in WWI",
> "Fokker
> >Dr.1 and D.VII", "German Airships" and "Zeppelin in Combat". (How about a
> >resin Zeppelin in 1/72?).
> (Does the math in his head roughly) Wouldn't that be 6 1/2 FEET long and
> about 2 FEET in diameter?!?!?

(Doesn't have to do the math in his head 'cause he's already done it on his
drawing board...) A Graf Zeppelin (airship) in 1/72 would be 10', 9 & 5/8" long
and a little over 17" in diameter - although this is a bit bigger than the WWI
naval airships.
Zeppelins, Yee-hah!

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