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John P. Roll (
Sun, 13 Aug 95 17:47:30 -0500

<<Bunch O'stuff deleted>>

Steve Hustad (the angry hooligan) said:

> 3) 1/72 scale eyes, vs. 1/48 scale (and larger) eyes. Yes, we all get
> old (Yes, John R., even you!) and need assistance to see those tiny
> throttle quadrants & magnetos. But don't switch to 1/48 scale!
> Instead, next time you visit your opthalmologist for an eyeglasses
> prescription change, explain your model airplane (or other
> deviation you may have) addiction to him/her. Explain that you want
> to continue to work in the *"Master Scale"* and that you would like
> a special eyeglasses prescription which will enable you to continue
> to do so. He/she will be very happy to obilge you and you'll be
> surprised at how simple a solution this can be! None of those huge
> lighted "Star Trek" contraptions to lash around your head, etc.! -
> only a special pair of eyeglasses to keep at your model bench.
> Try it!
> Go build. :-)

No, no, no! Nobody's gettin' it! There is no reason to change scales as you
get older - just choose bigger subjects! I'm preparing for my old age when I
save those Zeppelin plans!

Chuckles & Grins!
John Roll - the bag o' gas