Re: 1/72 Zeppelin
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 20:01:55 -0400

That 1/72 Behemoth was built by Matt Hargreaves of Seattle WA. Scratch built
the body as a plastic frame over PVC pipe, covered with a monokote like film.
The gondolas and such were vac-formed by John Tarvin in Vancouver, B.C. (he
of Airframe Models). The model is transported in a custom built trailer. We
in the Pacific Northwest were fortunate to be able to see this model several
times during it's construction as Matt would bring it out, in progress, to
our local shows. This model was displayed at the IPMS USA Nats when it was
done. Truly a beautiful and impressive piece of dedicated love. Matt
Hargreaves also is known for his HP-42 Heraclese from the Contrail kit which
Won the Nats a few years previously. He was also a driving force behind
Guano Models, and 299 Models which produced among other things a Bugatti Air
Racer, Ikarus fighters and a Bede jet all in ltd run injected form.