Fokker D-VII ID requested

Mon, 14 Aug 1995 00:30:06 EDT

In a book I have there is of photo of a Fokker D-VII with interesting
markings. The rear fuselage is white and the front fuselage is a
solid dark color, like the a/c of Jasta 18. On the front fuselage
there is a bold zig-zag marking in white (or yellow). At the
junction of the two colors, just behind the cockpit, there is a
letter or a monogram, but only the upper part is visible behind the
allied flyers standing in front of the a/c. A sharp demarcation is
visible between the upper and lower colors on the upper and lower
wing-tips. The metal cowl panels are almost devoid of louvers,
except for four just in front of the wing root.

The book is "Spirit Of The Yukon" (1992, The Caitlin Press) which is
a biography of Andrew Cruikshank by his daughter June Lunny. He was
a noted bush pilot in northern Canada during the 1920's. He had
wartime service with RAF 84 Squadron in late '17, early '18 flying SE.
5a's. The only other WWI a/c photo is of SE.5a E6008 with squadron
letter 'P' on the top stbd wing.

Cheers, Doug Faulder aka