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> Alan - I'm embarrassed to say that, while Bob Norgren was on AOL, he's
> evidently unsubscribed (probably just used the free ten hours and then
> booked. So the address is no longer valid. I found this out trying to
> contact him today. I don't know how much contact you've had with Sierra, but
> it ain't surprising. Bob's a very talented pattern maker. Everything else
> is variable.
> I've never been sure if I can add to the mailing list from AOL. Could you
> clip the following and post it:
> Way back in December of '67, the IPMS UK magazine ran a couple of Fokker
> D.VII drawings. One was a then-acceptable rendition of Udet's 'du doch
> nicht' which of course didn't reflect later research, especially regarding
> which serial block this aircraft fell into. The other was an illustration of
> a D.VII of Lt. Hermann Fromertz, Jasta 27. Nose and tail (except rudder) in
> yellow (okay for Jasta 27), remainder of fuselage in 'lozenge' (four or five
> color not specified) and upper wing in a chevron pattern of red and black
> stripes (in a pattern like the original, incorrect illustrations of
> Kirschstein's b&w Fokker Dr.I). No serial is shown on the fuselage, and
> while the tail cross size and location would indicate a late Fokker or OAW
> D.VII, I've found that until recently illustrations were not real trustworthy
> regarding tail cross locations. Maybe this is a well known scheme, but if so
> would someone point me toward something with a photo?

You CAN post to the list from AOL. Simply mail the message to: instead of me - should work fine - thanks for the post!


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