Re: Eduard Fokker E.III

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 08:09:37 CDT

On 26 Jul 95 at 21:09, Nick Ferraiolo spake:

> Hello! Just joined the mailing list yesterday in the middle of the Eduard
> Fokker E.III discussion. Am I understanding correctly that this is actually a
> 1/72 scale kit? I thought that it was going to be 1/48. Are there 2 versions?
> I have a pen pal in Slovakia who usually sends me Eduard kits as they become
> available. I asked for the Fokker E.III (along with the Voisin LA.III), but
> only if they were 1/72. To date I haven't heard from him, but if the E.III is
> really 1/72, I will definitely renew my request. I really liked the earlier
> Sopwith kits.

>From various sources, I've heard that Eduard is no longer producing
1/72nd scale kits. Instead, what ever molds they had, they have
(are) giving to MPM (another Czech model company). Granted, this is
from a couple of different sources, so it could be entirely wrong.
However, one source has said that he's seen documents stating some of
the first kits from MPM will be a Hansa Brandenburg W.29 (YES!) and a
Pfalz Dr.I (a bigger YES!). One person I told this to was also
thinking that maybe they're converting all the old Czech Master resin
molds to injected plastic.

I for one really hope MPM does WW1. I have a few of their "other"
kits (just recently completed their XF-85 Goblin), and really like
them. Granted, they're not as "crisp" as a Hasegawa (which isn't a
problem for me), but I also don't think Hasegawa would do an XF-85.
And they provide all that neat photo-etched! The only problem I have
is with PropagTeam's decals. Sometime they're unusable - the wing
walk stripes for the XF-85 disolved when I put them in water.

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