Denver Fokker D.VII redux

Randy J Ray (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 11:51:09 -0600 (MDT)

Since I now have the relatively rare opportunity to get in close to a very
close if not perfect replica of a WWI bird, I have given thought to doing a
D.VII as my first WWI project, rather than the E.III. Kind of a test run, on
a subject with less rigging to vex me. So I plan on visiting the museum
Saturday, but I also would like to know:

* How good is the Airfix kit (which I know where to get) vs. the Esci kit
(which I would have to hunt down)

* What other sources of reference can I find fairly easily? Is there a Windsock
Datafile, that I could order from Wise Owl or someone? (If so, someone
remind me of their business phone #)

Mind you, I don't really plan on doing any sort of job comparable to Steve or
Derek Brown. But I don't really want to just slap it together out of the box,


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