Re: Denver Fokker D.VII redux

Matt Bittner (
Thu, 27 Jul 1995 13:34:29 -0500

On 27 Jul 95 at 11:51, Randy J Ray spake:

> Since I now have the relatively rare opportunity to get in close to a very
> close if not perfect replica of a WWI bird, I have given thought to doing a
> D.VII as my first WWI project, rather than the E.III. Kind of a test run, on
> a subject with less rigging to vex me. So I plan on visiting the museum
> Saturday, but I also would like to know:
> * How good is the Airfix kit (which I know where to get) vs. the Esci kit
> (which I would have to hunt down)

It's the Revell kit, and it's recommended more than the ESCI, even
though the ESCI D.VII is the best of the Revell clones. Since you
know where to get it, all the better. It shouldn't be too scarce,
since they just recently re-released it.

> * What other sources of reference can I find fairly easily? Is there a Windsock
> Datafile, that I could order from Wise Owl or someone? (If so, someone
> remind me of their business phone #)

Yes, you're in luck. Rimell just re-printed the D.VII Datafile, so
you should be able to get it. If not from Wise Owl, I'm almost
certain that Rosemont has a copy in stock.

> Mind you, I don't really plan on doing any sort of job comparable to Steve or
> Derek Brown. But I don't really want to just slap it together out of the box,
> either.

Don't sell yourself short! The biggest problem with the D.VII is the
"engine". Too small, and - in all actuality - just a lump of
plastic. If you want to scratchbuild, go ahead, but I would
recommend getting the XtraParts Mercedes, and slapping it in there.
Unless, of course, you're doing a BMW powered machine. In which case
your only option (I believe) is to get the XtraParts Mercedes and
converting it. Does anybody know if there's a 1/72nd BMW? Maybe

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