Re: Kit Review: Cz-R SS D.III
28 Jul 95 07:41:00 EDT

Gday all,

Stephen Tontoni said:

> I wanted to let you know that if you are a netscape or
> mosaic user, there is a page for scale modelling (and linked
> to the WWI home page) and you can submit your reviews there
> as well as here. So far there aren't many reviews,
> especially of WWI subjects.
> The address is

Of course, Alan also has a rogues gallery on the WW1 server - if the
prospect of accompanying Steve Hustads pictures doesn't overwhelm you.

Seriously - Daniel has an interesting site, have a look (particularly check
out the pic of Mr Tontonis Cant seaplane!)

If you have an official role with any club I suggest you also take the
opportunity to add your club details in his list (rather short so far)

In the 2 weeks since I added my club, we have received 12 enquiries and
signed up 5 new members all of whom called as a result of seeing the entry