Denver Fokker D.VII Redux

Nick Ferraiolo (
27 Jul 95 20:55:16 EDT

> Since I now have the relatively rare opportunity to get in close to a very
> close if not perfect replica of a WWI bird, I have given thought to doing a
On 7/27, Erik Pilawski wrote:

>> D.VII as my first WWI project, rather than the E.III. Kind of a test run, on
>> a subject with less rigging to vex me. So I plan on visiting the museum
>> Saturday, but I also would like to know:
>> * How good is the Airfix kit (which I know where to get) vs. the Esci kit
>> (which I would have to hunt down)

> I like the Ravell D.VII in 1/72. The ESCI kit is fine, but hard to get.

The original Revell WWI kits have been re-released (or illegally copied by Eldon
and re-released by Entex, Fujimi, et al) many times. Are the ESCI kits
re-releases or copies of the Revell kits. I believe the later Academy/Minicraft
kits are copies of Revell or ESCI. Anyone know for sure?