Re: Camel metal panels

Bill Shatzer (
Sat, 29 Jul 1995 01:38:36 -0400

>On Wed, 26 Jul 1995, Thomas Eisenhour wrote:
>> Are the cowling and metal panels forward of the cockpit on the Sopwith
>> Camel aluminum or steel? How were they finished?
> Looking at various photos, it appeared that they were steel. Better
>shots did show 'burnishing' marks. Subtle, but definite. As for finish, I
>saw pics with both natural metal and painted. A few squadrons, I think,
>painted the forward panels garishly.

I think I'd differ - you can get the 'burnishing' marks on aluminum
as well as on steel. And, as Erik states, you see the Camels with
both natural metal and painted cowls and panels, but you *never*
see photos with *rusty* natural metal which is what you'd get if
they were steel 'natural metal'. I can't right now pluck a
reference, but my bet is on aluminum.


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