Hasegawa Museum its

Vincent Price (vprice@mailhost.world.net)
Sat, 29 Jul 95 18:42:10 PDT

I was investigating the availability of the Hasegawa Museum Series kits and
"uncovered" the rumour that the SE5a and the Wright Flyer moulds/templates
have been destroyed - The Dr.1 and the Camel are available though.

Are the WW1 kits as good as the Wright Flyer (Which I recently picked up at
a local market!)?

Also, for Australian members of the list - the local importer of Revell will not
be bringing in the 1:28 D.VIII. They will have to be specially imported.

PS. I am staring at the "just about to be attached" wings of my Eduard E.III
and I can't stop thinking that there is a missing rib! These debates are great
but bloody untimely sometimes!

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