Re: Denver Fokker D.VII Redux

Bill Shatzer (
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 04:08:36 -0400

>Nick Ferraiolo asked if the ESCI kits were copies of the Revell kits. I seem
>to remember from an earlier Windsock that they were indeed copies whether or
>not properly licensed. I have copies of all of the Eldon, Esci [and Nichimo]
>kits and they definitly seem to be knock offs of Revells. The only major
>difference would seem to be in the fact that they have a ridiculous cockpit
>bath which has to be sawed out. The only redeemong factor is tha tthey are
>usually cheaper tha nthe Revell. Gerry McOsker Newport RI
Well, don't forget the spoke detail on the wheels of the Eldon kits and
their descendants. Two other advantages of the Eldon, et al kits:

The SPAD 13 has the square wingtips rather than the more uncommon rounded
wingtips on the Revell kit. You can do a lot more SPAD's with the Eldon
kit (or, at least the Eldon, et al, wings) than you can with the Revell.

The Eldon SE5a has the (not quite) correct cut out under the wing which is
missing in the Revell. Also, the Eldon, et al, kit has the louvers under
the nose which are missing on the Revell.

Other possible uses of the Eldon line of kits are to swap the struts
off the Camel (closer to correct length than the Revell's which are
too long) and to use the alternate radiator style for the Fokker D VII.

Other than that, the Revell line of kits is generally better although not
so much so that the Eldon/Fuji/ESCI/Academy kits can't be used to make
a perfectly acceptable model. And, for gosh sakes, whatda ya want for
under five bucks? If Pegasus did these kits, they'd change US $29.95!

Cheers, Bill

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