Fwd: Re: Kit Review: Cz-R SS D.III: follow up

Thomas Eisenhour (t_eisen@ix.netcom.com)
Sun, 30 Jul 1995 16:33:00 -0700

>>I understand that copying machines distort large images. How do
>>you take the distortions into account? Are they significant enough to
>>worry about, or am I just acting like chicken little??

>One thing to beware is that the copy ratio may not match what the front
>panel says. I found that in making 1:48 drawings from 1:72, using a 150%
>ratio on each copier gave 3 different sizes. Always calculate some key
>dimension and check that the copy comes up right. Mind you, I ended up with
>the copiers set at 149%, 150% and 152% which isn't far out.

I agree with Shane. To get your enlargement/reduction spot on, tape or draw a
line on the master of a specific length. For example, if you want to enlarge 1:72
scale plans to 1:48 (150%) draw a line 4 inches long on the master. When the line
on the enlargement measures exactly 6 inches long (4 in. x 1.5), your plans are
1:48 scale.

- Tom Eisenhour