Re: Denver Fokker D.VII Redux

Matt Bittner (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 08:12:17 -0500

On 30 Jul 95 at 4:08, Bill Shatzer offered:

<Great info about the "clones" removed for space. Thanks, Bill!!>

> Other possible uses of the Eldon line of kits are to swap the struts
> off the Camel (closer to correct length than the Revell's which are
> too long) and to use the alternate radiator style for the Fokker D VII.

The radiator (and louvers) on the Eldon/ESCI D.VII are almost perfect
to make a BMW-powered machine.

> Other than that, the Revell line of kits is generally better although not
> so much so that the Eldon/Fuji/ESCI/Academy kits can't be used to make
> a perfectly acceptable model. And, for gosh sakes, whatda ya want for
> under five bucks? If Pegasus did these kits, they'd change US $29.95!
> <smilies>

I know two people who are "contractors" to AMT/Ertl who are also
modelers. If I remember correctly, Ertl plans on re-releasing (at
what time point is unknown) all the ESCI WW1's. However, don't hold
your breath, since some of the other ESCI models they will not
re-release (all of ESCI's armor, for starters - which is a HUGE
bummer for us 1/72nd scale armor builders).

Speaking of armor, I picked up an old issue of Military Modeler (the
British pub), and it had a great scratchbuilding article on building
an AA-gun mounted lorry. Unfortunately, I left the magazine at home,
so I'll have to re-post on what exactly is being scratchbuilt. It
includes plans in 1/76th. Does anybody have more back issues of MM
that might be willing to peruse for more articles on WW1 stuff?