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Boeke Joseph R (boeke@coral.bucknell.edu)
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 14:38:29 -0400 (EDT)

Okay, my wife and I were in a furniture store this weekend (please keep
reading, it gets interesting...) and we saw a set of wodden bookends that
featured a biplane. The bookends were all wood (pine I think), with one
half of the plane on each of the bookends, and while not a "scale"
model, it was clearly based on a 1/32nd Camel (the prop spun too!).

At any rate, the bookends were cute, and I was able to convince my wife, to
let me decorate our baby's nursery in a WWI motiff (the Dr.s are
reasonably certain that we are having a boy).

I dug through some old magazines, and I was able to find a set of plans
for a "bi-plane rocking horse" (a rocking device that looks like a
biplane). With a little planning, I will make this "rocking horse" look
like a HB W.19).

But in order to make this plan work, I need to come up with some other
"cute stuff" for the room (I really want to paint the room sky blue and
add a bunch of puffy white clouds). A mobile would be nice, any ideas?
I also thought about searching for some WWI-esque plane tinker toys.

The bookends would be great, but on the downside, the furniture store
wanted $90 for it -- yikes?!?!?! I am fairly confident that I can work
up plans that will allow me to make the bookeds myself (I'll have to go
back and take some photos, just in case).

For those of you who detect an alterior motive here, well you are right.
First, my hobby time will be significantly less, unless I can tie it into
my family time (my daughter's birth two years ago showed me that).
Second, I'd like to get my son (I hope!) interested in my hobbies as
early as possible (which will help with my first point later on).
Finally, it gives me an excuse (with she who must be obeyed) to continue
collecting reference materials (if not models)... "But honey, I need that
Imperial Russian Aircraft of WWI book so I can finish the mobile..."

Thanks for any ideas that you may have...

- Joe