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Douglas R. Jones (djones@iex.com)
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 15:36:09 -0500

>At any rate, the bookends were cute, and I was able to convince my wife, to
>let me decorate our baby's nursery in a WWI motiff (the Dr.s are
>reasonably certain that we are having a boy).

Wow! Congratulations! I knew better than to try with any of our three!

>But in order to make this plan work, I need to come up with some other
>"cute stuff" for the room (I really want to paint the room sky blue and
>add a bunch of puffy white clouds). A mobile would be nice, any ideas?
>I also thought about searching for some WWI-esque plane tinker toys.

Seems to me that I saw an ad in WWI Aero for paper WWI models. These could
be used to creat a nifty mobile I think.

>The bookends would be great, but on the downside, the furniture store
>wanted $90 for it -- yikes?!?!?! I am fairly confident that I can work
>up plans that will allow me to make the bookeds myself (I'll have to go
>back and take some photos, just in case).

Right proud of them weren't they! Of course when you look at the effort to
create the plans and then the bookends, $90 may be cheap. Especially if you
have something on the bench and in the queue!

>For those of you who detect an alterior motive here, well you are right.
>First, my hobby time will be significantly less, unless I can tie it into
>my family time (my daughter's birth two years ago showed me that).

That's the truth!

>Second, I'd like to get my son (I hope!) interested in my hobbies as
>early as possible (which will help with my first point later on).

Mine just recently has gotten really interested (see this mornings mail)
though I think trains still hold a bigger fascination for him. He has asked
me to teach him to fly R/C though......

>Finally, it gives me an excuse (with she who must be obeyed) to continue
>collecting reference materials (if not models)... "But honey, I need that
>Imperial Russian Aircraft of WWI book so I can finish the mobile..."

I hadn't thought of this! Good idea ;-)

>Thanks for any ideas that you may have...

If you are painting the room in a "sky" motif then why not hang some models
from the ceiling. I did that as a kid and I thought it looked pretty neat!
There is some pretty good artwork out there that can be had at reasonable
price. If your wife is into needlepoint then I have seen some counted
crossstitch WWI aviation pieces that would be neat!

Congratulations! And good luck!

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