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Matt Bittner (meba@cso.com)
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 15:28:06 -0500

On 31 Jul 95 at 14:38, Boeke Joseph R thunk:

> I dug through some old magazines, and I was able to find a set of plans
> for a "bi-plane rocking horse" (a rocking device that looks like a
> biplane). With a little planning, I will make this "rocking horse" look
> like a HB W.19).

Cool! If you make plans of this, let me know. I have a two-month
old boy, and want to get him into WW1 aircraft as soon as possible.

> But in order to make this plan work, I need to come up with some other
> "cute stuff" for the room (I really want to paint the room sky blue and
> add a bunch of puffy white clouds). A mobile would be nice, any ideas?
> I also thought about searching for some WWI-esque plane tinker toys.

If you had the time/money: How about the "main" part of the mobile
(maybe the non-moving part) be a Drachen kite balloon. Then make all
the "spinning" aircraft Camels, or SPAD's or whatever. I think that
could be neat! Another idea, if possible: make all the planes
American, then if you can find the sound, make the mobile play "Over
There" while spinning! :-) (I'm thinking of my son's mobile. It's
got a bunch of Winnie-the-Pooh's spinning around, while playing the
"Winnie-the-Pooh" song from the old TV movies.)

> The bookends would be great, but on the downside, the furniture store
> wanted $90 for it -- yikes?!?!?! I am fairly confident that I can work
> up plans that will allow me to make the bookeds myself (I'll have to go
> back and take some photos, just in case).

How about casting the 'plane in that expanding foam - what some
people use for larger vac-forms?

> For those of you who detect an alterior motive here, well you are right.
> First, my hobby time will be significantly less, unless I can tie it into
> my family time (my daughter's birth two years ago showed me that).
> Second, I'd like to get my son (I hope!) interested in my hobbies as
> early as possible (which will help with my first point later on).
> Finally, it gives me an excuse (with she who must be obeyed) to continue

There's a phraze we all have to adopt!! That's great!

> collecting reference materials (if not models)... "But honey, I need that
> Imperial Russian Aircraft of WWI book so I can finish the mobile..."

That's also great! Another line to remember!

Good luck with the convincing! ;-)

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