Re: Camel metal panels

Bill Shatzer (
Mon, 31 Jul 1995 23:19:31 -0400

>Hi Bill,
>In reply to Eriks' post re Toms' question you said:
>> And, as Erik states, you see the Camels with
>>both natural metal and painted cowls and panels, but you *never*
>>see photos with *rusty* natural metal which is what you'd get if
>>they were steel 'natural metal'. I can't right now pluck a
>>reference, but my bet is on aluminum.
>I get your point, but as an ex soldier I remember all the steel natural
>metal I oiled on a daily (or more often) basis to stop rusting. It may not
>be out of the question that the erks ran an oily cloth over the cowls as
>part of their maintenence tasks. One thing for sure, the camels cowls very
>often show evidence of spilt/burnt lubricant. Rust though, I admit never
>having seen

Hmmm! Good point! The other point that occurred to me later after
my posting (why do these thoughts always come *after* I post?) is
that with all that oil being spewed out by those Clerget
and LeRhone rotaries, maybe it wouldn't it wouldn't even be
necessary for an erk to wipe down the cowls to prevent rust.
Everytime the engine was cranked up, it'd be like spraying the
whole thing with WD-40. So, maybe my rust theory is less than
conclusive :-(

I can't find a darn thing in my books on this. My bet's still
on aluminum but I'm just guessing. Anybody got access to the
'Planes of Fame' or Canadian Camels for a definitive resolution
of this?


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