Re: Camel metal panels

Bill Shatzer (
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 01:38:31 -0400

>GDay Bill,
>You said:
>>I can't find a darn thing in my books on this. My bet's still
>>on aluminum but I'm just guessing. Anybody got access to the
>>'Planes of Fame' or Canadian Camels for a definitive resolution
>>of this?
>I wonder if they'd let someone scratch them with a knife point, just to be
>sure like. :-0

In the interests of historical research? Why not? :-)

Seriously, I was kinda suggesting that asking the curator might produce
a definitive answer.

>(who in this matter is also guessing - yet again)
Bill - who finds that his percentage of accurate guesses would
probably be improved by examining sheep entrails! :-)

Bill Shatzer - -