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> A friend of mine is looking for a computer assist program for
> Advanced Squad Leader. He was told it was available somewhere on
> the net. Anyone know where I can get it for him?
> Thanks,
> Al
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There are two versions the official ASLGAP(Advanced Squad Leader Game
Assistance Program) and a shareware product that was often called by the
same name. The official program came out first for the Apple][ and was
some what clunky, then the shareware version came out for dos (after the
author offered it to AH and was turned down), then after a long delay the
official dos version came out. As none of the versions apparently share
any code, it appears AH's only complaint is the unauthorized use of thier
trademark ASL and their copyright on ASLGAP.

Thus Ron Mosher <r.mosher2@GENIE.GEIS.COM> writes:
| A user of The Zundel WWII Small Unit Tactical Warfare_GAP V3.0 |
| {compatible with the Avalon Hill Game Company ASL(copyrighted) system}|
and the shareware version can be gotten by writing the author, Steve
Zundel, at: or

Hope this helps =-)

Darryl Huber