Thomas Eisenhour (t_eisen@ix.netcom.com)
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 05:44:26 -0700

I recently spoke with Ed Goldberg of American Traders Inc., US distributors for
Hobbycraft. I was trying to get a replacement sheet of decals for the Nieuport
17. While I had Ed on the line, I asked him if Hobbycraft plans to add to their
line of 1:32 WWI kits.

He was not aware of any new WWI releases planned for the immediate future but
said that Hobbycraft is always interested in knowing what modelers want and base
their new kit decisions accordingly. They don't have an e-mail address so send
your wish list via snail mail to Hobbycraft Canada, 140 Applewood Crescent,
Concord, Ontario L4K 4EZ, Attn: New Kit Suggestions. (I want a 1:32 Albatros

If you live in the US, call Ed at (215) 885-9425 if you have a problem with any
Hobbycraft kit. He was extremely kind and helpful.