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Tue, 1 Aug 1995 08:05:42 -0500

On 1 Aug 95 at 5:44, Thomas Eisenhour thunk:

> He was not aware of any new WWI releases planned for the immediate future but
> said that Hobbycraft is always interested in knowing what modelers want and base
> their new kit decisions accordingly. They don't have an e-mail address so send
> your wish list via snail mail to Hobbycraft Canada, 140 Applewood Crescent,
> Concord, Ontario L4K 4EZ, Attn: New Kit Suggestions. (I want a 1:32 Albatros
> D.Va!)

I'll have to print off a copy of the Wish List that most people
contributed to, and send that off to him. Granted, nobody "voted"
for any 1/32nd stuff, but he might be interested in seeing it anyway.

In a previous post, I mentioned in article in Miltary Modeller. I
was wrong. It's in the June 1982 issue of Military Modelling from
the UK. The article is titled "WW1 Mobile AA Lorry", and it deals
with scratchbuilding a Thornycroft 3-ton, 4x2 lorry, with a 13pdr. AA
gun mounted on the bed. It includes 1/76th scale plans for all
except the chassis. Which is an amuzing point. The article tells
how to "crank" the chassis in, and that it's a general "ladder
arrangement", but doesn't provide any drawings/sketches of it. Ah
well, at least it's something.

Two queries: first, although it's not too important, what's the
conversion factor to go from 1/76th to 1/72nd, especially when
dealing with photocopiers? What will I need to be sure the plans
copied/enlarged correctly?

Second query is about Military Modelling in general. Anybody have an
index of MM, including all known WW1 modeling projects? Since I'm
seriously thinking about making this lorry, I would be interested in
other projects, as well. Are there any other magazines/publications
that deal with WW1 armor? Airfix, Scale Models, etc.? Thanks.


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