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Boeke Joseph R (boeke@coral.bucknell.edu)
Tue, 1 Aug 1995 09:19:39 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, Douglas R. Jones wrote:

> Wow! Congratulations! I knew better than to try with any of our three!

Thanks. I had very little involvment with these kinds of decsions when
my daughter was born (between three Grandmas and my wife, all I did was
nod my head and paint the walls ;)

> Seems to me that I saw an ad in WWI Aero for paper WWI models. These could
> be used to creat a nifty mobile I think.

Oh yeah, I have seen these in FSM. Has anyone bought these, or had any
experience with them? I believe they are made out of card stock. I'll
have to look through my back issues.

> >The bookends would be great, but on the downside, the furniture store
> >wanted $90 for it -- yikes?!?!?!
> Right proud of them weren't they! Of course when you look at the effort to
> create the plans and then the bookends, $90 may be cheap. Especially if you
> have something on the bench and in the queue!

I guess I wouldn't have such a hard time with the price, if I thought
they were hand made. The store had several copies of the same book ends
(as well as a train engine and something else), so I am pretty sure they
are massed produced.

Somebody also mentioned that they have seen beer/soda can Dr.1s and
Camels at craft shows. Using Coca Cola cans for a Dr.1 and 7up cans for
a Camel would be pretty neat... After all, my introduction to WWI aviation
was courtesy of Charles Schultz and Snoopy's "Curse You Red Barron!!!"

As an aside, does anyone remember the "Flying Dog House Model" with
Snoopy shaking his fist at the Red Barron and cursing him? I built this
when I was in third grade (or there abouts) and it was my first WWI
model. I'd really like to get my hands on it again (just for sentimental
reasons) who the heck made it?

> >Finally, it gives me an excuse (with she who must be obeyed) to continue
> >collecting reference materials (if not models)... "But honey, I need that
> >Imperial Russian Aircraft of WWI book so I can finish the mobile..."
> I hadn't thought of this! Good idea ;-)

Like Matt said, I just can't think of any other way to justify this,
particular book, to her (but I have got to have it).

> If you are painting the room in a "sky" motif then why not hang some models
> from the ceiling. I did that as a kid and I thought it looked pretty neat!

I thought about this, and I may do that, but I had two concerns. First,
all of my modeling is currently 1/72 or smaller (I do ships as well). My
wife is worried (and rightly so I think) that with two small ones running
around these models might start looking like candy -- yikes!!!! Second,
is because they are plastic/resin/white metal, not only are they fragile,
but they toxic (see point 1).

I did think of modeling some of those stick and tissue models: good size,
more or less sturdy, not as toxic (I guess that depends on the dope
used). Any one have any reccomendations on these?

> There is some pretty good artwork out there that can be had at reasonable
> price. If your wife is into needlepoint then I have seen some counted
> crossstitch WWI aviation pieces that would be neat!

Thank you, I hadn't thought about that!!! I think she would like to do
that (she cross-stiches already). I also have some drawings from when I
was a little kid of Spads and Camels that came from the Air Force Museum
at Wright-Patterson. I'll have to frame those too.

> Congratulations! And good luck!

Thanks, I will keep you abreast of developments!!!

- Joe