Paper planes ... (
Tue, 01 Aug 1995 09:11:19 -0500

I got an order in Saturday of the paper planes you are probably
talking about. They came from a company called Fiddlers Green in AZ. There
are 8 planes; Fokker EIII, Bleriot XI, SE5a, Fokker DVII, Fokker Dr-I,
Albatros DVa, Nieuport 17, and Sopwith Pup. They are approximately 1/60
scale. I haven't put any together yet because I'm going to try to copy them
to 1/72 first. But they do look nice and would work well in your mobile in
addition to being non-toxic. They are $11.95, which includes shipping and
handling. The address is

Fiddlers Green
1960 W. Ray Rd.
Chandler, AZ 85224

Hope this helps.

Mike Brewington