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Douglas R. Jones (djones@iex.com)
Tue, 01 Aug 1995 09:27:45 -0500

>Thanks. I had very little involvment with these kinds of decsions when
>my daughter was born (between three Grandmas and my wife, all I did was
>nod my head and paint the walls ;)

I can relate to that! I was in the same sort of position before the twins
were born.

>Oh yeah, I have seen these in FSM. Has anyone bought these, or had any
>experience with them? I believe they are made out of card stock. I'll
>have to look through my back issues.

I haven't bought them but they look pretty cool!

>I guess I wouldn't have such a hard time with the price, if I thought
>they were hand made. The store had several copies of the same book ends
>(as well as a train engine and something else), so I am pretty sure they
>are massed produced.

That's annoying. makes sense you would want to do them yourself!

>Somebody also mentioned that they have seen beer/soda can Dr.1s and
>Camels at craft shows. Using Coca Cola cans for a Dr.1 and 7up cans for
>a Camel would be pretty neat... After all, my introduction to WWI aviation
>was courtesy of Charles Schultz and Snoopy's "Curse You Red Barron!!!"

You need a music box playing the three Snoopy vs. The Red baron songs from
the Royal Guardsmen! You might still be able to find the album somewhere. I
know our show team uses it in their routine.

>Like Matt said, I just can't think of any other way to justify this,
>particular book, to her (but I have got to have it).

This is always tough!

>I thought about this, and I may do that, but I had two concerns. First,
>all of my modeling is currently 1/72 or smaller (I do ships as well). My
>wife is worried (and rightly so I think) that with two small ones running
>around these models might start looking like candy -- yikes!!!! Second,
>is because they are plastic/resin/white metal, not only are they fragile,
>but they toxic (see point 1).

These are valid concerns. However they will be a long way above the reach of
the munchkins so the problem may not show up for sometime. I will let you
know as my son is beginning to hang models and we will see how long before
the 2.5 yr old discovers them!

>I did think of modeling some of those stick and tissue models: good size,
>more or less sturdy, not as toxic (I guess that depends on the dope
>used). Any one have any reccomendations on these?

You don';t have to use dope anymore. Certainl;y tissue can be held on with a
glue stick and then painted with non-toxic acryllics or something. There are
a variety of sizes. Peanut might be a good size.

>Thank you, I hadn't thought about that!!! I think she would like to do
>that (she cross-stiches already). I also have some drawings from when I
>was a little kid of Spads and Camels that came from the Air Force Museum
>at Wright-Patterson. I'll have to frame those too.

Absolutely. At Rhinebeck 2 years ago I got some great 8 x 11" prints for
$2.50 a piece. Have them hanging in my office! They look great!

>Thanks, I will keep you abreast of developments!!!

Please do!

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