RE: Joes baby and "She Who Must Be Obeye
02 Aug 95 08:02:00 EDT

Hello all,

Congratulation Joe, both on the future heir, and the wonderfully determined
way you are getting things started
the way you correctly intend them to keep going ! Wish I'd thought of it
for our kids :-(

Given the enormous amount of planning going into this nursery, have you gone
as far as buying his first kit? I discovered (on birth of Number 3 , my
only son) that he made a great excuse for buying that "extra" kit. As in
"Yes Dear, I know I'll probably only build one of them, but I'd hate to
think he'll miss out because I never put one aside" ;->

>> > Finally, it gives me an excuse (with she who must be obeyed) to
> >There's a phraze we all have to adopt!! That's great!

>I wish I could claim credit for it, but I merely borrowed the phrase from
>a friend. Please feel free to use it in your messages :)

Not modelling, but for the sake of completeness, the phrase "she who must be
was popularised in England and to my knowledge, Australia and New Zealand
though the "Rumpole" books
by Australian author John Mortimer, and the English TV series "Rumpole of
the Bailey" in which Aussie actor
Leo McKern plays Rumpole

Rumpole covertly refers to his wife, Hilda, as "She Who Must Be Obeyed,"
or "S.W.M.B.O." The phrase is actually "quoted" by Rumpole from H. Rider
adventure novel, "She". The title character, Ayesha, Queen of Kor, is known
to her subjects as SWMBO.


(wondering if SWMBO can be convinced I need a mobile of Gothas and Capronis)