Re: Panels

Guy Fawcett (
Wed, 02 Aug 1995 07:44:54 -0600 (MDT)

First of all I should qualify my statements by saying I built a model of a N17
in 1/4 Scale and am actually thinking about restoring it to flying shape this
winter (crashed after third flight 3 years ago do to a faulty radio switch)

>The panel is complicated by the need to go around the cabane struts. It also
appears to be one panel and not seemed in the middle.
I believe the panel is made of plywood covered in fabric. There is a publicty
photo of Bishop showing him sitting in the plane pulling down the Lewis. The
details of the forward decking is quite clear and the panel displays none of
the characteristics of metal. The lacing strips do not show any riveting and
appear to be glued to the frabric on the plywood panel. I believe that the
panel is in two parts with the break line set along the base of the removable
In the case of my model I made the forward lacing removable and take that
portion off for access to the rocking mechanism driving the torgue rods in the

> For the the fasteners on the 17 what would I do
to simulate them? These sound a bit difficult to do!

Take a round headed nail of a suitable size and file flats on either side.

>How's the SE5a coming?

Summer seems to be a terrible time to get anything done but I did cover the
horizontal stab this week :-)

Tally ho

Guy Fawcett