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David Takemoto-Weerts (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 08:17:09 -0700

>>At any rate, the bookends were cute, and I was able to convince my wife, to
>>let me decorate our baby's nursery in a WWI motiff (the Dr.s are
>>reasonably certain that we are having a boy).

To the expectant father:

Here's the text of an item I saw in the 7/29/95 issue of the Sacramento Bee:

"When is a ceiling fan not a ceiling fan? When it's a Sopwith Camel.
Snoopy and Woodstock can ride to the rescue to save any dull ceiling with
the Snoopy Action Fan made by Hunter Fan Co. With a "Peanuts" applique, the
fan takes on a new life for a child's room or play area. The 48" blades
look like an airplane propellor [albeit a 3-bladed one!!] and are made of
flame-tempered wood and aluminum. The fan will circulate air in rooms of up
to 224 sq. ft.

"Available at Home Depot, Best Products, Target and Lumberjack stores, the
fan costs about $200. For more information, call Hunter at (800) 971-3267
or write to P.O. Box 3900, Peoria, IL 61614."

The cartoonish F.1 is, of course, depicted in a nose dive. No Vickers guns,
but pretty cute! Good luck!
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