Fokker D.VII pics are back

Randy J Ray (
Thu, 3 Aug 1995 14:08:21 -0600 (MDT)

I got the roll of film back from the D.VII here in Denver. Most shots came out
well. Overall, they are a bit dark, as the hanger was rather dim, and the
flash depth/f-stop setting wasn't quite what I should have set for most of the
further-out shots. Out of 36 exposures, 35 came out. The one that didn't was
a front left quarter view, not that critical. The photos are:

1. Front right quarter
2. Front right quarter close up of engine
3. Front right quarter close up of landing gear
4. Front left quarter close up of landing gear
5. Front view, propeller and radiator
6. Front right quarter, struts close up, looking toward cockpit
7. Left wing outer struts, close up
8. Left rear quarter
9. Left rear quarter, tailplane and rudder close up
10. Right rear quarter, tailplane and rudder close up
11. Right rear quarter, rudder extreme close up
12. Right rear side, lower rudder and control wires
13. Right rear quarter, inboard struts and engine close up
14. Tail wheel close-up
15. Left rear side, lower rudder and control wires
16. Right side elevated, upper wing surface (dim)
17. Right side elevated, upper wing surface (better flash)
18. Right side elevated, aileron close up (dim)
19. Right side elevated, aileron close up (better flash)
20. Right rear quarter, engine exhaust and filler cap extreme close up
21. Right rear quarter, lower wing root extreme close up
22. Right rear, underside stabilizer and control wires close up
23. Landing gear surface and struts, rear view
24. Right side ground level view, fuselage underside where wings join
25. Underside (ground level) looking toward rear
26. Landing gear, inner surface of left wheel close up
27. Left side outboard struts, juncture to upper wing (view looking up)
28. Extreme close up of forward fuel tank behind engine
29. Left side front view metqal engine panels
30. Cockpit seat, looking down from right side
31. Instrument panel, from right side
32. Rudder pedals and cockpit floor, from right
33. Left side sidewall, from right side of aircraft
34. Instruments, rudder pedals and some right sidewall, from left side
35. Right side sidewall, from left side of aircraft

Some things to note:

* This is a replica, not an original aircraft
* The engine is not a Mercedes, but a Ranger
* No guns are installed (not even mock-ups)
* The right side of the nose has the panels removed (hence all the right-side
engine views)
* This is a flyer, so the instruments are not accurate. Their placement may
be, though, but I have not checked against other references yet.

Now, I know that some folks here will be very interested in these photos, and
I want to make them available. I have figured out approximate costs for
reproducing and shipping, and think that I can break even at about $8 for
a full set, within the U.S. I do not have the time to process requests for
specific photos above; the list is not a catalog, but just a script of what
I covered. Copies take about 1 week at the place I take them to (believe it
or not, it's Wal-Mart: I have been taking my military stuff to them for
years. Rolls of film from museums all over, and I have always gotten really
good results back.). I prefer to get the prints done in a matte finish, since
I find this easier to work with than glossy.

If several people want sets, I will make them and mail them. But I will
try to collect several requests at once, so that I make fewer trips to the
lab. I can't spawn multiple requests off of only one set of negatives. :-)


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